WE ARE THE WWF Nedbank Green Trust

Our passion is for people and nature to coexist in harmony for the benefit of our country and the well being of all.

Photo Credit: Flower Valley Trust images by Kobus Tollig

Igniting new ways for people and nature to thrive


The WWF Nedbank Green Trust works with communities, who are the keepers of our natural resources, and other partners. We direct their energy and efforts so that they can be key levers of change for South Africa’s future.


Join us on our journey to protect the Planet and get regular news and info on how you can live in harmony with nature.


    Our funding processes are currently undergoing a makeover! All past funding deadlines are closed. We will be live with updated application deadlines, funding guidelines and application forms soon so be sure to watch this space!

    If you have a catalytic project you would like to be funded please click here

    Photo Credit: Flower Valley Trust images by Kobus Tollig

    Please note:

    Concept notes can be submitted via the portal at any time.

    The due date for full submissions are the 15th of January and the 15th of July.

    The earlier you submit your concept notes, which is step one of the process, the higher your chances of being able to submit the full application with all necessary steps completed, on time.

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