The WWF Nedbank Green Trust funds projects that make a catalytic contribution as defined in our funding criteria

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Funding Application Guidelines

Please note that you must read the Funding Guidelines document before applying for funding. Project proposals that do not significantly contribute to the strategic outcomes of the WWF Nedbank Green Trust as set out in the funding guidelines document will not be considered for funding so please read the funding guidelines document carefully and only submit your application for funding if it fits that criteria.

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All applicants must apply to the WWF Nedbank Green Trust using the online form available on this website (see below).

Please note: Only fully completed applications received via this website on the application form downloaded from this website will be considered. No other form of communications or application will be considered.

Application Submission deadlines

All applications submitted to the WWF Nedbank Green Trust through the website are received by WWF South Africa. Applications are processed three times a year.

  • 14th March 2024.
  • 16th July 2024.
  • 4 December 2024.



The WWF Nedbank Green Trust manager and the relevant WWF-SA environmental outcomes professional review the application to see whether it will make a contribution to our overall strategy. Note that external professionals may be consulted, if necessary.


Based on the initial review, the application is tabled at the WWF-SA Strategic Review Meeting for testing.


If a proposed project passes the strategic review testing, it is submitted to the WWF-SA Project Approval Governance Meeting.


Once approved at the Project Approval Meeting, the proposed project is submitted to the WWF Nedbank Green Trust Management Committee for final approval. The Management Committee is represented by WWF-SA and Nedbank professionals.

Apply for Funding

Projects are funded for a maximum of three years with the option to extend it under exceptional conditions. In such instances applicants must have a viable sustainability plan.

What we look for

When we consider proposed projects, we look at the following:

  • Is the proposed project catalytic and can it be scaled up to national level?
  • Will it contribute to achieving the identified
    environmental outcomes?
  • Do people believe in the value proposition?
  • Is it valuable, unique, innovative and transferable
  • Can/will the project be adopted by others?
  • Will it be a valuable addition to the project portfolio?
  • Please include letters of support from the receiving environment or proposed beneficiaries of your project.
  • Please ensure that your proposal clearly demonstrates how the change you are working towards will take place.  Make clear the assumptions and facts you are basing your project upon and demonstrate how these, coupled with your solution, will lead to catalytic change.

What we do not fund

The WWF Nedbank Green Trust will not support the following:

  • Conduit organisations that are not the end users of the project funds.
  • Initiatives that focus on ex-situ (off-site) conservation activities with little implications for wild populations, e.g. captive breeding, rehabilitation or welfare of individuals.
  • Purely academic research not linked to trust projects or with little evidence of practical application.
  • Core support for organisations and the purchase of capital equipment, including buildings, fencing and vehicles.
  • Development of commercial, private conservation enterprises and/or private nature reserves.

It takes a minimum of 30 days to review new projects. Should it take longer, applicants are welcome to contact WWF-SA to track progress of their application. We recommend that applicants work closely with the relevant WWF-SA programme manager to develop the project before it is submitted for approval.

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