Climate Change

Climate change is real.

Photo Credit: Michel Gunther

The WWF Nedbank Green Trust puts its weight behind efforts to change the way we use energy without depriving people of the right to thrive, and we aim for a complete phase-out of fossil fuels by 2050 and a 100% transition to renewable energy.

Why does it matter?

With our partners, we empower communities to supply renewable energy; help businesses to cut down on emissions, deforestation and to go green; promote investment in renewable energy and discourage the use of fossil fuels; and achieve ambitious targets and adhere to laws with government.

Did you know?

Renewable energy sources in South Africa cost nearly half the price of electricity generated from coal mines. We could save R86 million a year by 2050 if we use renewables


We fund projects that help mitigate the effects and tackle the root causes of climate change. It is important to integrate public education in our work to make sure that everyone understands their responsibility regarding their own carbon footprint. This will ensure that our efforts have a longer, more meaningful impact.

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