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The WWF Nedbank Green Trust has spent 30 years igniting new ways for people and nature to thrive, and we invite you to celebrate with us. For three decades we have sought new paths and solutions to ensure that people and their ecosystems prosper.

Illustration of four people holding hands and climbing upwards. Titled: Enabling Long-term Good Governance of the Environment

From the early days of conserving the Kalahari lions and sea turtles to pioneering research in climate change, water conservation and environmental leadership, the WWF Nedbank Green Trust has been there, pathfinding and forging the way. We recognised that the survival of our planet depends on the coming together of governments, businesses, organisations and all people. Our projects have a strong community-based focus, as we are constantly and consistently conscious of the fact that conservation cannot succeed without people.

Illustration of solar panels and wind energy generators, titled: Ensuring Everyone Understands Their Responsibility Regarding Their Carbon Footprint

We have trained future environmental champions through our Environmental Leadership Project; we have preserved and conserved water for South Africa’s people and animals through various initiatives such as the Umzimvubu Catchment Project and the Duzi Umngeni Conservation Trust; we have rehabilitated and conserved our marine environment by implementing better marine planning and management through our Marine Tourism and Plastics Projects; we have made inroads into disrupting the criminal networks fueling rhino poaching; and we have collaborated with government and civil society to plot a food-secure South Africa for all.

Silhouette illustration of a rhino and a hippo walking with mountains in the background titled: Funding Projects that Focus on Species of Special Concern

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