GreenMatter Emerging Leaders Fellowship

Photo Credit: Natasha Prince


Established in 2012, the GreenMatter Emerging Leaders Fellowship has grown in its development of specialists, researchers and leaders for biodiversity. The WWF Nedbank Green Trust has put its backing behind the leadership development component of the fellowship, which supports mid-career biodiversity professionals.

Twenty WWF Nedbank Green Trust Emerging Leaders, working under the banner of the WWF Nedbank Green Trust Emerging Leaders Fellowship, will join the community of 65 GreenMatter fellows in further developing their leadership skills.

We understand the importance of developing new, environmentally savvy leadership from a diverse pool of bright and passionate young South Africans, and our sponsorship of the Emerging Leaders Fellowship is a crucial part of our plan to find and develop skills for the future benefit of our sector. Developing the key leadership skills of those already in the workplace is fundamental to improving the career growth of deserving emerging leaders and impacting positively on their approach and impact with regard to conserving our natural capital. With the focus shifting towards a more complex and systematic approach to solving conservation problems, and looking at opportunities towards more sustainable development, it is critical that current specialists and professionals are supported.

The 20 emerging leaders will have the opportunity to engage through two developmental contact sessions aimed at helping them better understand themselves and their role as change agents, and exposing them to transformative leadership requirements and practices. However, theory alone is not sufficient and so the emerging leaders will also have the opportunity to put their learnings into practice through impactful projects, networking events, and a personal leadership development programme.

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