It’s time to reconsider our food.

Photo Credit: WWF

We all need nutritious food to survive. Yet, as temperatures rise, extreme weather events such as drought and floods affect the production of food. As the supply is affected, so is the price. In South Africa, half of our nation goes hungry on a regular basis.

Why does it matter?

What we eat comes directly from the environment. Yet food production has the greatest negative impact on the planet, more than any other human activity. To keep up with the growing demand, we will have to address the many absurdities, inadequacies and problematic practices in how our food is produced and what we consume.

While agriculture is a critical contributor to rural development and job creation and the GDP, the environmental impacts of farming are high. We need to promote responsible farming as well as responsible consumption.

Our farming practices and consumption patterns must protect the long-term maintenance of healthy landscapes, and the regeneration of our natural resource base such as our soils, water resources and energy options, while also ensuring profitable yields. This extends to ensuring the well-being of farmers and fishers, as well as local communities who rely on flowing rivers and nourished soil to survive and feed our nation.

Did you know?

One third of all food produced in South Africa, a total of 10 million tonnes of edible food, is wasted in every year.

© Photo Credit: WWF


We demonstrate good stewardship of natural resources. We promote sustainable agriculture and sustainable fisheries. We do this by supporting best practice solutions on farms and along the seafood supply chain.

Both at land and at sea, we work with government and industry to restore and reconnect conservation-worthy natural areas and to reduce the environmental impacts from food production.

What can you do?

You can be a sustainable consumer, such as when choosing wine or wine farms to visit, support WWF’s Conservation Champions – the eco leaders in SA’s wine industry.

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Make responsible food choices, support local suppliers and seasonal products and only buy as much as you need.

© Photo Credit: Natasha Prince

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