Seriti Institute


Seriti Institute Photo Credit: WWF About Seriti Institute Seriti Institute, formed in 2009, is a registered non-profit company and public benefit organization. A Level 1 B-BBEE compliant social enterprise. Seriti works with communities and social partners to support them to reach their goals by delivering innovative,

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Lima Rural Development


Lima Rural Development Photo Credit: Andrea Weiss About Lima Rural Development Lima Rural Development (Lima) is a non-profit company established in 1989. By providing sustainable and integrated development services to rural communities in South Africa and Lesotho, Lima promotes dignified, sustainable, and transformative community growth. As

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Graduate Internships partners


Graduate Internships partners Photo Credit: Natasha Prince / WWF South Africa From conservation partners to big corporates, the programme works with a diverse range of funders and host organisations. The WWF also works closely with all universities in South Africa to promote internship opportunities. With these

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